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Hanna's Childcare Developments has sites in high-demand neighbourhoods throughout New South Wales with development approval for a childcare centre.


If you're thinking of leasing a new childcare centre, or buying a leased centre, we have a range of opportunities for you around the state.


Our childcare centres have industry-leading designs with the latest concepts in child-friendly spaces and fixtures. Each centre comes with a location report providing data and our expert analysis about local demographics, competition, neighbourhood acoustics and the availability of parking.


Thinking of leasing a new centre?

Looking for a site that's already approved for a childcare centre? Leasing a site with development approval for a childcare centre puts you that much closer to opening the doors of your new childcare business.


These sites have passed the development application stage with the local council. We’ve already taken care of the traffic and parking assessment, compliance with Building Code of Australia requirements, stormwater quality management plan, statement of environmental effects, arboricultural assessment and acoustic noise report.

These sites are ready to build on, and we handle everything from liaising with the local council to organising  the actual construction of the building and handling all the obligations associated with that process.


Contact us to find out more about our development-approved sites available for lease.


Looking to buy or invest in a centre?

Our leased childcare centres offer opportunities for a solid return on investment and long-term capital gains. We have a number of sites with development approval that have either lease agreements or heads of agreement with a childcare centre operator that provide investment or purchase opportunities in some of New South Wales' fastest-growing locations.


Contact us to find out more about buying or investing in a leased site.



For lease

9 Manning River Drive, Taree

 Located on a quiet river bend just minutes from central Taree, this site now has development approval for a 92-place childcare centre, and we are looking for an operator to discuss leasing arrangements with us.


Plan & views



For sale


56 Church Street, South Windsor

Right across the road from Windsor South Public School, a lessee has been secured for this 30-place childcare centre and building is commencing shortly. This development is available for sale or investment.


View Plan 


Lots 44-47 Victoria Street, Riverstone

A significant development in a fast-growing area of one of the oldest towns in Australia, this site is in the process of gaining development approval for a 90-place childcare centre for which a heads of agreement has been signed with a childcare centre operator. Construction is planned to be completed by November 2019, and an investor is currently being sought for the development.


View SK1 Plan

View SK2 Plan


Lot 203, William Maker Drive Orange 

Positioned in a fast-growing and recently developed residential area offering a unique blend of lifestyle and urban amenities only 5 km from Orange CBD, this brand-new, 630 m2 childcare centre is development-approved for 92 places. Securely leased on a 15 + 10 + 10 year lease to an established and successful childcare provider, this development is now available for sale.


Plan & views





9 Watt Drive, Robin Hill (Bathurst)

In a fast-developing location just a few kilometres from central Bathurst, the Bathurst Early Learning Centre is a 72-place childcare centre proudly developed and built by Hanna's Childcare Developments.


View Plan

255 Brenan Street, Smithfield

The Kids Direction early learning centre provides a safe, welcoming environment for children between 2–5, in a stylish and functional development by Hanna's Childcare Developments.


View Plan

187 Smith Street, South Penrith

Building will be finished in early 2018 of this brand-new, 47-place centre.


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54 Ball Street, Colyton

Located in a quiet area just off the Great Western Highway, the 38-place First Memories Early Learning Centre was developed and built by Hanna's Childcare Developments.


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