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Looking to Buy a Daycare Centre? Daycare Centres for Sale in NSW

Areas of NSW are seeing one of the biggest population booms in Australia. As families move in and grow, there is a great need for quality childcare centres, especially in popular suburban areas. In the past decade, the number of children in the country between the ages of 0-4 has grown by 17 percent. Forecasters say this percentage will increase in some metropolitan areas by as much as a third, and that Sydney alone may add up to two million people in the next twenty years. Many of these children will need convenient child care, so now may be an ideal time to buy a daycare centre in NSW.

Childcare Developments Group is a family-owned Australian company that offers daycare centres for sale in NSW. We also assist clients with the process of building their own centre from the ground up, starting with a needs assessment of the area, culminating with the construction of the building.

Daycare Centres for Sale in NSW: Get to Know the Basics

The first thing to consider when looking at a daycare for sale in NSW is the location. Childcare Developments Group has multiple properties that have been pre-selected for your consideration. These sites have approved Development Applications already waiting, and we handle everything from liaising with the local Council to facilitate construction approval, to the actual construction of the building and all the obligations associated with that process. There’s no need to try to navigate these complicated steps yourself when our experienced team at Childcare Developments Group can take charge of it all for you while keeping you in the loop about the process. Our professionals are here to help, from providing structural engineer drawings to supervising construction. You’ll have access to the knowledge of our building designer, who has over fifteen years of experience creating beautiful schemes for those who want to buy a daycare centre in NSW.

What a DA-Approved Site Means

Childcare Developments Group has already gone through the intricate, process of Development Application approval for a selection of childcare centre sites. Buying or leasing one of these sites means that you get a property that’s ready for you to obtain a construction certificate. We’ve already taken care of the Traffic and Parking Assessment, BCA Report to comply with the Building Codes of Australia, Stormwater Quality Management Plan, and more. The Statement of Environmental Effects, Arboricultural Assessment, and Acoustic Noise Report (which addresses noise issues from any neighbours) are all completed so you can be closer to opening than with an unapproved lot. Unapproved lots have their advantages as well, of course, and we can lay out the benefits of each so you can decide where you want to buy a daycare centre in NSW.

Please contact our childcare centre development team with any questions about the process, and we will go over the details. You can reach our office on 1300 788 192.

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