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Building a New Childcare Centre? Here’s Why a Niche Based Developer Is the Best Bet for Your Project’s Architectural Design and Fit Out

When you hire an architect to plot your child care centre building design, who would you prefer: someone who has designed childcare centres before or someone with a more general architecture portfolio?

Undoubtedly, childcare is one field where having a niche based architect and developer in your corner is ideal. Childcare centres are different from other types of buildings. They have unique legal requirements and specific space usage and layout needs that might not translate to or from other designs. As such, working with an architect whose experience rests explicitly in this type of project is ideal if you are working on a childcare design.

Compliance with the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework and What You Need to Know

If you are thinking about building and opening a childcare centre, then you are probably already familiar with the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework. Just in case you are not aware of this legislation, though, understand that the National Quality Framework establishes standards and regulations for day-care facilities, preschools and more. This framework has been adopted by every Australian state.

When it comes to getting a childcare architectural design for a childcare centre, you need an architect who understands the National Quality Framework. There are many standards laid forth by the National Quality Framework that an architect must adhere to when designing a childcare building. Failure to follow these requirements could result in trouble with the permit process. It could delay the opening of your centre by bringing about demands for costly renovations or could even render your building unusable as a childcare centre.

Indeed, the National Quality Framework includes requirements pertaining to virtually every facet of the childcare building design process. From the allocation of indoor space to the design of storage spaces, all the way to details such as natural light and ceiling height, the framework provides dozens of directions an architect must follow.

A general architect that has never done a child care centre building design before may not be aware that these requirements exist, let alone be familiar with them. Hiring an architecture and development business that focuses exclusively on childcare buildings will ensure better results and reduce the risk of framework violations.

Choose Childcare Developments Group for Your Childcare Design

At Childcare Developments Group, we have the knowledge and experience you need to guarantee a smooth childcare development process. We have spent years helping clients plan and build their new childcare centres. We can handle every facet of the project, from design to approvals and beyond. We can even help you with your childcare centre fit out, once construction is complete.

Don’t risk violating the National Quality Framework. Compliance violations can be costly and time-consuming and can completely derail your plans to open a new childcare business. Instead, call Childcare Developments Group today and let us handle your child care centre design. You can reach us through our contact page right now.

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