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Childcare/Daycare Consultancy NSW: Professional Consultants

Childcare centres are an important component of “social infrastructure,” according to the Best Practice Guideline for the Planning and Development of Child Care Facilities: Final Review Report from the University of Technology: Centre for Local Government. With a burgeoning population of children under the age of five, and more growth expected, there is an ever-growing need for quality childcare centres, and therefore childcare consultancy, in NSW. Childcare Developments Group is a family-owned Australian company dedicated to helping clients interested in buying or leasing daycare centres. Our experience in the childcare industry gives us immense resources to draw from when guiding clients along the path of childcare centre ownership. We’ll be with you every step, from designing the building all the way through to final construction. There is much involved in this process, and you need experienced daycare consultants in NSW to lead the way.

What Do Childcare Consultants in NSW Provide?

As childcare consultants in NSW, Childcare Developments Group can provide a range of services, from development and going through the Development Application process and subsequent construction, to offering pre-approved lots with DAs already in place for you to buy or lease. Picking the right location is important – you need to assess the local community and their need for childcare as well as what childcare centres are already in place (your potential competition). We can then complete a Survey Plan and Scheme Plan to present to the local Council. Our designer is knowledgeable and has fifteen years of experience designing childcare centres.

We handle all aspects of the pre-DA Council meeting as well as the pre-DA letter from the Council that details required items. This also includes such information as fire safety measures, the design of the car park and playground, Landscape Plan, Plan of Management, and a Traffic and Parking Assessment Report. Childcare Devlopments Group will serve as the liaison with the local Council regarding all planning and documentation matters, freeing up your time to consider the other important elements of running a quality daycare centre.

Consider a Pre-Approved Location

Interested parties who want to move more quickly and shorten the course of schemes and authorisations should consider our selection of sites with DA approvals. These development sites are open to sale or lease and come with our commitment to handle all aspects of the process from building approvals to construction. We’ve already done the hard work of finding the perfect location and working with the local Council to get the DA in place. You can step in and proceed with the acquisition and construction process. It is all about helping you along in the process.

Contact Childcare Developments Group on 1300 788 192 for more information on our comprehensive daycare consultancy in NSW services, or to schedule a consultation.

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