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Childcare Developments Group Consultants Offering Daycare and Childcare Consultancy in Sydney

Are you looking to establish a daycare centre in Sydney? You’ve probably done your research and realised how much goes in to such an endeavour and how easily it can all fall apart without the correct approvals and compliances. If you’ve progressed that far, you probably appreciate that hiring childcare consultants in Sydney is your best bet for getting your business off the ground with as few headaches as possible. That’s where we come in.

The staff at  Childcare Developments Group has helped build a one-stop-shop for daycare consultancy in Sydney and can assist you to design and build your daycare with as little hassle as possible. Our team has many years’ experience in the childcare industry and are knowledgeable when it comes to advising on the purchase and development of child care centres. Whether you’re looking to build a brand-new centre or you want to buy an already established centre, we are here to offer our consultancy and take the stress out of the equation.

What We Do as Daycare Consultants in Sydney

Our main goal as consultants is to provide you with all the necessary advice and tools needed to develop a site into a DA approved childcare centre. We take pride in our “start through to completion” plan, which takes care of everything involved with the development process. This includes:

  • Competition and Community Analysis Reports: We create reports that detail the location of your competitor childcare centres, as well as an explanation for why we think this area is perfect for a new centre
  • Design Process: With a designer boasting over 15 years of experience in childcare centres, we can design a business to your specifications that you’ll approve before moving forward
  • DA Approval and BCA Compliance: We take care of everything involving the DA Council as well as building code compliance to ensure that your Sydney daycare is fully approved
  • Construction: We ensure that the full construction is taken care of, usually within 6 to 12 months after the initial site acquisition and planning stage

Leave It All to Us

While you focus on establishing your business plan and preparing to care for young children, we will take care of the rest. Our sole focus as a company is childcare consultancy in Sydney. You can rest easy knowing that our entire business is in childcare centre development. Childcare Developments Group is a one-stop-shop for a reason, and we want you to get exactly what you need for your new daycare. We can provide essential tips and advice on fire safety, landscaping, traffic and parking assessments and much more. Once we have acquired all the required approvals you can rest assured that your childcare facility will be off to the perfect start.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Browse the site to find out more about us, including more detail on the step-by-step process we take to help design and build your childcare centre. Also, don’t hesitate to call us on 1 300 788 192 or email

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