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How to Find and Establish DA Approved Child Care Sites in Sydney

If you’re looking to create a child care centre in the Sydney area, you will need some help to make sure everything you do is government compliant, and DA approved so that your child care sites are approved. Establishing a child care centre is no simple task, and we recommend that you work with an experienced organisation that can help you through the entire process. The do-it-yourself approach will lead to headaches and avoidable issues, all of which a development consultant would be able to manage. The best thing you can do for your business – and ultimately the kids that business will care for – is contacting a consultant that knows the process for establishing DA approved child care sites in Sydney.

As stated above, the process for establishing child cares sites that are DA approved in Sydney can be an arduous task, simply because there are so many steps and precautions to take to ensure that everything is BCA compliant and DA approved, including the actual child care building’s construction. Why not consider a consultant company, such as Childcare Developments Group, to help you design and build the ultimate child care centre?

What Consultants Do to Get Sydney DA Approved Child Care Sites

For a custom designed building, a development consultant will help create a survey plan, and design a building that meets your needs and that of your child care centre. Also, the consultant should provide a demographic and competition report, which will give you more insight into the relevant information about the area. At Childcare Development Group we also offer previously designed schemes from which you can select a layout of your choice.

Not only will the design team create your building, but also your car park and playground, all compliant and up to fire code. After the competition reports, and community analysis reports which explain why this location needs a childcare centre, the consultants should move on to the council approval phase. The beauty of working with a development consultant is that you get a one-stop shop that focuses exclusively on these tasks. If you did this yourself, you would have to hire a multitude of outside people and businesses to help you create your child care centre.

Start Through to Completion

We take the approach of a one-stop-shop. Offering all the services stated above, as well as everything related to BCA compliance and DA approval, your construction will be in good hands from its start through to completion. Within 6 to 12 months after site acquisition, your business will be up and running in Sydney, and you will be able to focus all your attention on the children. Imagine opening your your doors knowing that your building and its landscaping, parking area and environmental effects are all compliant with regulations.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to call us on 1 300 788 192 or email

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