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Childcare Developments Group

Childcare Developments Group is a Family Owned Australian Company. We have the experience and the team to provide you with the advice to purchase a childcare centre.

Our main goal is to develop sites into a Childcare centre as we have completed the hard work for our customers and will provide you with a DA approved site for a Childcare Centre.

We have our own developed sites for sale with DA approved for Childcare Centre.

Our customers can seek to use our service and we will handle all aspects from Site Acquisition to Construction and we can also help you manage the childcare centre.

What We Do and Our Team of Experts

  • Site Acquisition – We will find a site that is suitable for your childcare centre and your needs throughout Australia.
  • Location Analysis – Provide you with a report why this site should be a childcare centre.
  • Demographic & Competition Report – Find out what other childcare centres are nearby to this site and provide you with detailed information of your competition.
  • Community Analysis Report – This report will explain to you why is there a need for another Childcare Centre in your Suburb.
  • Survey Plan – Provide you with a detailed survey plan and then we can proceed to design stage.
  • Design of Childcare Centre – Our designer has over 15 years experience in designing of Childcare centres and we only design childcare centres.
  • Design of Scheme Plan – Our designer will design a scheme so that you can approve before commencing to a detailed design.
  • Pre – DA meeting – Our team will organise to meet with the Council and provide them with the scheme design and what we will be doing to the site.
  • Pre – DA letter – Once we receive the Pre-DA notes from council stating what we require to comply to the Councils DCP we will continue to detailed design and contract our team of experts in other fields.
  • Design of Carpark and Playground 
  • Coloured Scheme Elevations
  • Demolition Plan
  • Fire Safety Measures
  • Landscape Plan
  • Plan of Management
  • Acoustic Noise Report to overcome and noise issues from adjoining neighbours
  • Traffic and Parking Assessment Report
  • BCA Report to comply with the Building Code of Australia
  • Section J Report for BCA Compliance
  • Stormwater Plan
  • Stormwater Quality Management Plan
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Arboricultural Assessment for any trees on site.
  • Provide design to builders for quotes.
  • Submit Development Application into Council
  • Liaise with council if there are any issues.
  • Once Development Application is approved we will then take the next step to explain the DA approval and imposed conditions by council.
  • We will comply with all conditions and seek to apply for a CC with our certifier.
  • Provide you with a Structural Engineer Drawings.
  • Once CC is complete then we will liaise with builders to provide you with 3 quotes.
  • You will choose the builder of your choice.
  • Construction wil be completed between 6 to 12 months.
  • Demolition will commence and then Construction.

Development Sites for Sale

Lot 803 Watt Drive, Robin Hill NSW

DA approved for 72 Children Childcare Centre on approximately 2000m2 of land at Lot 803 Watt Drive, Robin Hill NSW – For Sale $950,000

54 Ball Street, Colyton NSW 2760

DA approved for 38 Children Childcare Centre at – For Sale $1.5 million

255 Brenan Street, Smithfield NSW 2164

DA approved for 30 Children Childcare Centre - Sold for $1.2 million

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